Bright Futures Academy is pleased to announce a new procedure for communicating to the school and drivers when your child will be absent or late to school. Please call 1-888-702-8820 and follow the prompts on the message. The staff in Quest Transportation will pick up the messages and communicate to the drivers and administrative staff. If you have any questions, please contact the school

Bright Futures Academy

Bright Futures Academy is a year-round, non-public school certified by the California Department of Education serving special education students in kindergarten through the age of 22 years. Our academic programs align with Local Education Agency (LEA) courses of study as well as each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and students are able to work toward earning high school diplomas or certificates of completion. Our behavior programs and services are individualized, multidisciplinary, and research-based, with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Students will receive behavior intervention, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, or counseling support services as specified on IEP and treatment plans. We have three campuses located throughout the Inland Empire: Riverside, Apple Valley, and Twentynine Palms.

We Have Three Campuses Located Throughout The Inland Empire:


Apple Valley

Twentynine Palms