1:1 Aides/Paraprofessional Assistants/Instructional Assistants

Bright Futures Academy is excited to be part of a continuum of services that includes the training of 1:1 Aides/Paraprofessional Assistants/Instructional Assistants. These staff members are specifically trained to deliver direct instruction to students with challenging behaviors. Our Instructional Assistants are trained to deliver quality instruction with regards to implementing IEP goals as well as implementing the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

The trained Instructional Assistants are taught specialized skills that allow them to:

  • Implement a Positive Behavior Intervention Plan
  • Mainstream students into regular education classes
  • Teach students to generalize their behaviors across multiple settings
  • Implement IEP goals across multiple settings
  • Provide social integration across multiple settings
  • Increase student independence
  • Assist students with managing their emotions and how to make good choices
  • Assist with communication deficits
  • Record data