Vocational / Transition Services

Vocational Training and Transition Education

Life does not end after students finish their education requirements and many important skills are taught at Bright Futures Academy that are necessary to transition into a less restrictive environment.  One way we measure our success is when a student is able to transition to a less-restrictive setting. Along with offering educational service to students with differing abilities, our campuses also provide transition education and offer vocational training for students. 

Transition Education

We know the value of having a real-world experience; therefore, as part of our commitment to building a better future for our students, we have created a transition program for our young adult student population, teaching them necessary life skills that will enhance their ability to live and work more independently.  Our program utilizes best-practices in the area of vocational and life skill development with community integrated programs while enabling typical mentoring and staff support.

Vocational Services

We are proud to announce that we’ve opened our very own cafeteria, located in our Riverside Campus, which provides hot and nutritional meals to all four campuses each day.  As part of creating vocational skills, our students who are in the Transition Education Culinary Program work part-time in our school cafeteria and earn wages similar to the rest of our employees.  Our Culinary Program allows our students to work and gain on-site experience, which expands their skill sets and problem-solving abilities.