Bright Futures Academy started as a long shot in the dark; a desperation attempt for four dedicated social service professionals to continue to maintain and provide educational and behavioral services for some of the Inland Empire's most challenged and at-risk youth and young adults. Betti Colucci and Pamela Lamberth worked in administration and operations for non-public schools in California; during the 2011-2012 school year, all were working in various positions on school sites and across the region for Universal Health Services, Inc (UHS), a fortune 500 company who also owned non-public schools throughout California. In March of 2012 right after the end of the first fiscal quarter, UHS unexpectedly determined they would divest their interest in schools, and close down their educational operations in California within 30 days. When Betti Colucci, Regional Vice President at the time, received this information, she immediately collaborated with her fellow colleague: Pamela Lamberth, Human Resources Director about the timelines and short and long term outcomes for all districts, students, families and staff who would be affected by this change. Having had been some of the primary driving forces behind the business, academic and clinical successes of the schools, Betti and Pam joined together, and formed an LLC that would prepare them to own and operate their own non-public schools. Being restricted to certain LLC names, while also on an extremely short timeline, the four owners selected Bright Futures Academy, LLC, while also agreeing to couple the name with a memorable and unique logo/trademark. In March 2012, the owners of the newly found Bright Futures Academy, LLC took a leap of faith by formally submitting a Letter of Intent to purchase the schools to UHS, Inc. Much to their surprise, the corporate division of UHS accepted their letter, and opened the doors for discussion about a possible purchase. Betti and Pam rallied together their personal savings, life savings, 401Ks, retirement money and other assets to secure the legal ownership and rights over the schools to be purchased. Throughout the acquisition process, the owners of Bright Futures Academy spent the next 5 months feverishly working 14-18 hours per day; 8-10 hours fulfilling their employment duties for UHS, and 4-8 hours in the evening putting together the building blocks and foundation for Bright Futures Academy to ensure its opening in July of 2012. This included: completing legal paperwork and writing policies, procedures and manuals; ensuring there would still be students to serve by meeting with all of the local LEAs and SELPAs to obtain their approval to enter into Master Contracts with BFA for the upcoming school year; acquiring furniture, curriculum, school sites and other necessary resources; obtaining a review and authorization from the California Department of Education (CDE) to operate the schools; screening 500+ candidates for employment in order to fill 150 needed positions across the 4 school sites and holding approximately 100 IEP meetings for all the students set to transition from UHS, Inc schools to BFA schools. Finally, after months of networking, hard work and dedication, all four Bright Futures Academy school sites opened for business on July 9, 2012. When Bright Futures Academy opened, it was important to the owners that the school sites established and fostered a nurturing environment where learning was a passion for all employees; it was this vision that led to the birth of the emblematic Bright Futures Academy owl. The owl can be symbolic of a deep rooted connection with wisdom and intuition; of a transition or a change in one's life; insight about important matters; and intelligence.